By using a fensa registered company you benefit in the following ways


- You dont have to register your new window's with the local authority yourself.

- You dont need a separate assessment from building control. To certify compliance with building regulations.

- All fensa registered companys are continually re-assessed to ensure consistency of building reulations and service. So you have complete peace of mind.

- Fensa protects consumers from COWBOYS. By withholding the scheme from those unable to pass fensa's independent assessments and by reporting to local authorities and trading standards.

- Fensa will send you a certificate when you have had new window's installed

What is your fensa certificate for


- The certificate is proof that the installation is compliant with the UK current building regulations.

Always think ahead


- It is important to obtain a fensa certificate and to keep it safe, as you will experience difficulty and delays when selling your house without it.

- So far fensa has issued over 9 million certificate  around the UK.

Dont risk it. Always use a fensa registered company like McCallott Windows, to save time and money and to make sure your replacement window's are compliant with building regulations.


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